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“On behalf of Music in the Park, we are extremely sadden by the unfortunate tragic accident that took the lives of our beloved colleagues: Frank Barham and MargareSouthGaCrashVictimst Kargbo, and severe injuries to our team member Carrie Beth Johnson. The shock of their deaths were extremely difficult for us as an organization to comprehend. We have been consumed with their life celebrations, community comforting, and recovery efforts that have taken place within the past two weeks, which caused a delay in our response. We ask for your prayers to the families of Frank and Margaret during this time of transition and for Carrie Beth, who is currently recovering from her injuries.

We thank Frank and Margaret for their support, love, hard work, and dedication to revitalizing lives in our community! Their spirits will continue to live on!”

-Kebbi Williams, Co-Founder, Music In The Park

Music in the Park ATL’s mission is simple:

Enlighten young performers and inspire vibrancy in communities
through music and performing arts.